About Youth Peace Olympics:

The Youth Peace Olympics (YPO) is a South Baton Rouge and North Philadelphia collaboration that began under the watchful eye of the Rev. Mary L. Wade, Ph.D. and members of Building Respect in Communities.  The unique three-fold focus of the YPO that began in 2011 in Philadelphia are character-building, sportsmanship and commitment to peace and non-violence. With that focus, YPO began in 2014 in the South Baton Rouge area and is a youth violence prevention program for youth ages 10-16. YPO seeks to educate and empower participants to make healthy lifestyle choices and curb violence. YPO is an initiative of the Louisiana Center for Health Equity (LCHE) and the Together We Are More Adolescent Health Collaborative. ​​

About LCHE:

Louisiana Center for Health Equity (LCHE) works to address the increasing disparities in health and health care across Louisiana. LCHE represents the interest of health equity by promoting the elimination of health disparities caused by poverty, lack of access to quality health care and unhealthy environmental conditions with a focus on wellness and community health.

LCHE is a statewide nonpartisan nonprofit organization with IRS status as a 501 (C) (3) tax exempt public charity established in January 2010.​​


The YPO camp was "very good and helped me learn self-control and how to deal with things." -Shenia, Age 16

​"YPO has allowed me to become a better person by avoiding conflicts and to value life even more."- Johnathan, Age 14

"They showed me how to work with others, not be afraid to ask for help, and opened my eyes to see how life really is." - Chloe, Age 16

"YPO has helped me choose peace." - Precious, Age 11

"YPO has shown me sportsmanship that I can take and use in my sports." - Jenesis, Age 13

"I enjoyed playing the games and the field trips." - Rashawn, Age 13

"YPO helped me learn that peace is the answer." - Jabori, Age 11

"YPO was fun and it helped prepare me for my career." - Jamyria, Age 14

"YPO has affected me by showing me great skills and how to make and manage money, interact with others, how to be successful, and excel at anything I want to do or be." - Jahmad, Age 16



Alma C. Stewart

Sammie Grimes

Capt. Andrew Stevens

Marilyn Wright

Gloria Whiten

Annie Durant

Nichelle Cook

Ryan Vinyard

Angie Palmer

Melodie Landry


Frank Johnson
Courtesy Grows
Nichelle N. Cook 
Louisiana Center for Health Equity
Michelle McCalope
On Assignment Media
James Landry
BR Praise Team
Rebecca Franzella
LSU Museum of Arts

Carl “Nikki” Hall
YPO Sports Head Coach

Diane Hargrove Jupiter
LCHE Program Committee Chair